Matrox Electronic Systems FastNIC 10/100 10574-MT-0102 User Manual

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4. Carefully insert the FastNIC card into the PCI expansion slot as shown

in the following diagram:

5. Secure the FastNIC card in place with the bolt that previously held the

blank panel you removed previously.

6. Replace the cover of the PC.


Selecting the Right Cable

The FastNIC is a standard Fast Ethernet adapter card. To connect the
FastNIC to another Fast Ethernet device, you must use unshielded twisted-
pair (UTP) Category 5 wiring.


If you only plan to operate the FastNIC at 10Mbps, you can use UTP

Category 3 wiring instead.
Most Fast Ethernet adapters connect to other Fast Ethernet devices through
“straight-through” cables. You may have to use a special cable called a
“cross-over” cable, under the following circumstances:

• When connecting directly to the Fast Ethernet adapter of another PC.
• When connecting to the “Uplink” port of a hub or switch.
• When connecting to any other Ethernet port labeled “MDI.”


Installing the Software Drivers

Software drivers are supplied for the following network operating systems:

• Microsoft Windows NT
• Microsoft Windows 95
• Microsoft Windows for Workgroups
• Novell NetWare
• LAN Manager
• OS/2