English, Jim inntro – Marshall Amplification MF350 User Manual

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From Jim Marshall

I would like to personally thank you for selecting

one of my new MF350, 350 Watt, MODE FOUR
amplifier heads.

The very first Marshall amplifier, the JTM45, was

built in 1962 as a direct result of my listening to the
requests of the guitarists who frequented my music
shop at that time. Forty years later, we are still
listening to the thoughts and wishes of guitar players
from all walks of life. The amplifier you have just
acquired is, once again, the direct result of us paying
attention to feedback from guitarists, coupled with
the latest innovations in amplifier technology from
my Research and Development team. By continually
building on our heritage of classic guitar tones and
always keeping our ears and minds open, we are
able to bring you the next generation of Marshall

The MODE FOUR is completely designed,

engineered and manufactured in the UK and like all
of our products, the most rigorous quality control
procedures are followed to ensure that it meets the
standard of build and reliability you have come to
expect from Marshall Amplification.

I would like to wish you every success with your

new amplifier and welcome you to the ever-growing
Marshall family.