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Cabinet Impedance

The MODE FOUR must be connected to a minimum load of 8

Ohms. Connecting a load of less than 8 Ohms and playing the amp
will trigger the LOAD PROTECTION (rear panel 6) and could damage
the Mode Four or the speaker cabinet.

The recommended set-ups are shown below:

Note: these are the only impedance combinations allowed.

MF280 & MF400 4x12" Cabinets

Countless hours of Research and Development went in to the development of the MF350 and it

became clear at an early stage that special cabinets would be needed to get the most from it. The
MF280 (280W) and MF400 (400W) cabinets are the result of this parallel design process. Designed
specifically to reproduce the balanced mid range and huge bottom end that are a prerequisite for
extreme hard rock and nu-metal sounds, these cabinets feature:

Sonically optimised Celestion loudspeaker designs

Pro-gauge internal wiring

Increased internal volume

The ultra-rugged construction has been underpinned with literally hundreds of hours of extreme

endurance (soak) testing using real life signals in real life conditions. This has assured us that these
cabinets are not only ready for the sonic demands of a high performance head like the MF350, but
also the extreme physical abuse they may receive on the road.

We recommend the MF280A (angled) and B (base) for full stack operation and the MF400A or B

for half stack operation.

8 Ohm Half Stack

16 Ohm Half Stack

Full Stack

8 Ohm

Min Power 350W

(e.g. MF400A or B)

16 Ohm

Min Power 235W

(e.g. MF280A or B)

16 Ohm

Min Power 235W

(e.g. MF280A)

16 Ohm

Min Power 235W

(e.g. MF280B)

Full Stack versus Half Stack

The MODE FOUR can be used either as a full stack (two cabinets) or half stack (one cabinet)

configuration. The rig you choose is a matter of personal taste and as always when it comes to
sound we recommend you try both to see which suits your style best. Below is a guide to the major
attributes of each:

Full Stack:

Enhanced on stage spread.
More ‘cut through’ due to accentuated treble and high mids.
Iconic stage presence.

Half Stack:

More controllable spread of sound on stage (especially base type)
Convenient and portable.

Half Stack Options

If the full 350W is to be delivered using a single cabinet it must have an impedance of 8 Ohms.

Equally important is that the cabinet must have a nominal power rating of 350W or above if 8 Ohms,
or 235W or above if 16 Ohms.

The MF400A and MF400B are 8 Ohm/400W cabinets specifically voiced for use in half stack

configurations with the Mode Four.

Whether you choose an angled or base half stack configuration is a personal choice between the

different tonal qualities of each set up.

The MF400A (angled) is, in keeping with other angled 4x12" cabinets, tonally more aggressive

than the base option. The angled cabinet is the usual choice for those who want a more prominent
upper mid and treble response that really cuts through in a live situation.

Alternatively, the MF400B (base) delivers a more even mid range with less spread of the

aggressive treble response. Marshall 4x12" base cabinets are more often used by professionals as
they have a more focused bottom end and a smoother mid range and treble response. They are
often easier to deal with in terms of sound reinforcement and monitoring in a live situation.

Rear Panel Connections

Shown below is the Loudspeaker Connection chart from the MF350 rear panel.

Half Stack Connection

SPEAKER OUTPUTS I and II are specifically designed to provide the optimum damping on 8 or

16 Ohm cabinets in half stack operation.

We recommend connection of a single 16 Ohm cabinet to SPEAKER OUTPUT I or connection of

a single 8 Ohm cabinet to SPEAKER OUTPUT II.

Full Stack Connection

Connect two 16 Ohm cabinets to SPEAKER OUTPUTS I and II.













MODE FOUR Cabinet Options