Marantz PMD930 User Manual

Quick installation guide, Introduction

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Quick Installation Guide

Your Marantz Professional DVD Video player will playback digital
video discs, conforming to the universal DVD Video standard.This
product has been modifi ed to represent a region setting of 0 in
order to ensure its compatibility for commercial installations,
education applications, and international use. The unique features
of DVD Video, such as selection of sound track, subtitle languages
and different camera angles (disc dependent), are all supported.
In addition to DVD Video discs, you will be able to playback all
Video CDs, SVCDs, and Audio CDs.


First check and identify the contents of your DVD Video player package.
You should have the following items:
• DVD Video player
• Instructions for use/ Quick installation guide
• CD-Rom owner’s manual
• Remote Control with batteries
• Rack kit
• Audio cable (stereo)
• SCART to 4-BNC Cable
• S-Video cable/ Y/ C

If any item is damaged or missing, contact your retailer.
Keep the packaging materials for future transportation.