Marantz DV6400 User Manual

Marantz DVD-players

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DV6400 U




DVD-A or SACD, that’s the question? With the Marantz DV6400 Universal Audio/Video Player, we have the answer! With playback capabilities for
DVD-Audio, SACD (both two/multi-channel), MP3, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, Video CD, WMA, JPEG and of course DVD-Video, this new “jack of all trades”
is the ideal choice for the audio/videophile on a budget, but lets see what Sound and Vision and Home Theater magazines have to say about it.

“The Marantz DV6400 handily strikes a balance between stripped-down DVD-Video players made to sell at the lowest possible
price and universal players that are built like safes and finished like jewelry, and priced accordingly. It defends this middle ground
with considerable aplomb, and its audio and video qualities will leave no one feeling disappointed.”
(Sound and Vision - April 2004).
“If you’re looking for the best that the universal market has to offer so far at well under four figures, the DV6400 is a real good
place to start.”
(Home Theater – June 2004)

• Plays SACD, Both Two and Multi-channel,

DVD Video, DVD-Audio, CD, CD-R, CD-RW,
VCD 2.0, WMA and JPEG and MP-3 Discs

• Progressive Scan Output with 3:2 Pulldown
• 54MHz 10-Bit Video DACs

• 192kHz 24-Bit Audio Dacs
• Component Video, S-Video and Composite

Video Outputs

• Pure Audio Mode
• Dolby Digital


Decoder Built-in

• DTS Decoder Built-in
• Menu Operation From the Front Panel
• Optical and Coaxial Digital Outputs
• Remote Control Included


DV4400 P






The DV4400 is an outstanding player for any home theater system, bringing DVD movies to life with stunning digital video and surround sound
capabilities. This player features advanced progressive scan processing with 3:2 pulldown, 192kHz/24 bit audio DACs, playback of multiple
optical disc formats as well as a host of convenience features.

• Plays DVD Video, VCD 2.0, WMA and

JPEG Discs

• CD, CD-R, CD-RW and MP-3 Audio Discs
• Progressive Scan Output with 3:2 Pulldown

• 54MHz 10-Bit Video DACs
• 192kHz 24-Bit Audio Dacs
• Component Video Outputs
• S-Video and Composite Video Outputs

• Optical and Coaxial Digital Outputs
• Menu Operation from the Front Panel
• Remote Control Included



ST6000 S




The ST6000 provides legendary Marantz tuning performance. Incorporating a high-sensitivity digitally synthesized tuning section for clear
reception and outstanding audio quality, it offers a variety of convenience features that make it ideal for high-performance audio systems and
custom installations.

PM7200 I




The Marantz PM7200 Stereo Integrated Amplifier offers music enthusiasts uncompromising audiophile sound quality and flexibility without
the high price. It delivers 2 x 95 Watts (RMS into 8 Ohms), rising to 155 Watts with 4 Ohm speakers. A single push-pull amplifier, symmetrical
circuitry with independent heat sinks, anti-resonant, metal front panel and hand selected customized components including HDAM, assures
extremely dynamic sound reproduction with accurate tonal and image balance. It also offers 25 Watts of pure Class A operation for distortion-
free sound at low volume levels, gold-plated input and output terminals and heavy duty speaker terminals. With full system remote control
operation, the PM7200 is the ideal center piece for the true audiophile music system on a budget.


• Output Power 2 x 95 Watts

RMS / 2 x 25 Watts in Class A Operation

• Linear Drive Power Supply, Designed by

Marantz, for Stable but Responsive Power

• Dual Mono Construction with Separate Solid

Heatsinks for Improved Stereo Image

• Propriety HDAM (High Definition Amplifier

Module) in Output Stages for Superb
Dynamics and High Slew Rate

• Five Source Inputs, Including Moving

Magnet Phono

• High Quality Bass and Treble Tone Controls
• Source Direct Option

• Record Out Selector
• Two Sets of Speaker Terminals
• Non-tarnishing Gold-plated Terminals
• Remote Control Included

Also available in Silver