Marantz PV6480W User Manual

Pv6480w, Hdtv-ready projection tv

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The Marantz PV6480W HDTV-Ready Projection
Television is a state-of-the-art 64-inch
widescreen (16:9) television that delivers
spectacular high-definition picture quality by
implementing 9-inch CRT’s with a superior
digital comb filter, first surface mirror, and high
resolution screen assembly. The PV6480W is
compatible with DTV


set-top tuners and can

display ATSC digital TV formats of 480i, 480p,
and 1080i up to a full 1920 by 1080 interlaced
TV image – the highest HDTV resolution
available. The PV6480W incorporates the most

advanced digital video technologies and
premium quality optics to provide unsurpassed
image quality, and can accommodate any
analog or digital video source including the
VGA/SVGA output from a computer. The
Marantz PV6480W offers a host of performance
and convenience features that make it the ideal
big-screen TV for a high-end home theater
entertainment system. Remote operation of the
PV6480W is just a fingertip away with inclusion
of the award winning RC5000i Touch-screen
Programmable Universal Remote Control.


♦ HDTV compatible

♦ 64-inch widescreen 16:9 picture

♦ APAC (Automatic Phosphor Aging Compensation)

♦ 5 elements color corrected lenses

♦ Genesis Line Doubler / Scaler

♦ Fine Pitch Lenticular Screen

♦ Supplied with RC5000i


programmable remote control


➣ 2,073,600 Pixel images is created by high

resolution 9” CRTs allowing superb image
quality from NTSC, 480P, 480i, and 1080i.

➣ Exceptionally lifelike images from all

sources including DVD and HD broadcasts
in their appropriate “widescreen” aspect

➣ When viewing 4:3 sources, APAC

automatically shifts your television picture in
very small increments to minimize
permanent image retention

➣ Offers maximum clarity and sharpness

➣ State-of-the-art signal processing with 2/3

film detection for NTSC sources

➣ .515mm pitch for 160-degree viewing angle

and even illumination

➣ Provides total control of the PV6480W and a

complete home entertainment system

HDTV-Ready Projection TV