Marantz PV6111W User Manual

A view like no other, Pv6111w, Pv6111w hdtv ready rear projection tv

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Endless enjoyment in image quality, performance and integration on a 61"

diagonal, high resolution 16 x 9 screen. That’s what the Marantz PV6111W

delivers in any ultimate home entertainment environment. It’s compatibility

with all SDTV and HDTV broadcast signals, along with innovative

contrast enhancement, color purity processing and high-definition

brightness signal processing technologies, result in a durable, accurate

and extremely life-like home theater experience. The PV6111W

incorporates all discrete codes for optimum and easy system integration and

features easy, quite operation through a universal back-lit remote control.


A view like no other

PV6111W HDTV Ready Rear Projection TV