Sc-7s1, Stereo control amplifier – Marantz Reference Series SC-7S1 User Manual

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The concept: channel separation for
super wide range & dynamic audio

We think it’s of the utmost importance
to extend high frequency response as
well as channel separation so you can
hear the true meaning of “Super Audio.”
This is why we have designed the input
and output circuitry, volume control
section, and power supply circuits
according to this philosophy.
The result: an astonishing channel
separation of over 100dB at 20kHz.

Floating control bus system
We make it possible to synchronously
drive two or more control amps by
using a floating control bus system
connected to as many as 6 sets of
control amplifiers. We also enable you
to trim levels using the remote control,
making it easy to set up the optimal
sound field on a multi-channel
configuration. The highest achievable
stereo performance can be accomplished
when a system configured with two sets
of SC-7S1 and four sets of MA-9S1 are
connected in a bi-amped mode.
You will experience superb sound with
unbelievable channel separation.

Fully balanced control amp with an
8-gang linear volume control
The SC-7S1 is a full balanced,
two-channel control amp providing
the channel separation you need for
Super Audio. Based on our own high
quality four-gang active volume control
we have developed an even better
eight-gang linear control volume that
reduces gang errors from 0 to 100dB,
±0.5dB. By adding an additional
HDAM SA* (High Definition
Amplifier Module), we improved the
Common Mode Reject Ratio (CMRR)
dramatically, attaining an incredible
ultra-wide frequency band of 150kHz
and succeeded in producing the perfect
control amplifier for Super Audio CD.

Choke input system
In the power supply section, the choke
input topology was adopted to
drastically reduce rectifier harmonic
noise. This system is especially suitable
for a control amplifier in which very
small signal amplification occurs.

The feedback impedance of the Current
Feedback circuit was reduced to its minimum
to make it faster. We developed a new High
Definition Amplifier Modules (HDAM), a
separated module operating as a buffer for the
amplifier. The SC-7S1 has four HDAMs on
each input-output buffer and another four
units on the V/I converter.

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