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Cautions on handling batteries
Misuse of the batteries can result in electrolyte leakage,
rupturing, corrosion, etc.
Bear in mind the following points when using batteries.

• Remove the batteries from the remote control unit if

the unit is not going to be used for a prolonged period
(a month or more).

• Do not use an old battery together with a new one.

• Insert the batteries while ensuring that their


poles are properly aligned with the corresponding

markings on the remote control unit.

• Batteries with the same shape may have different

voltages. Do not use different types of batteries

• If electrolyte has leaked, thoroughly wipe the inside

of the battery compartment, and then insert new

• When batteries which are no longer required are to

be discarded, follow the directions (regulations) laid
down by the local authorities in the area concerned
for their disposal.


In winter, droplets of water form on the insides of the
windows of a heated room: this is called condensation. This
player uses an optical lens, so the condensation may form
in the following cases.

- In a room immediately after the heating has been turned


- In a room where the humidity level is high
- When the player has been suddenly brought from a cold

location into a warm room

Since, in cases like this, the track numbers may not be
read and the player is prevented from operating properly,
wait about 30 minutes, and then operate the player.

This player may cause interference on a tuner or TV set. If
this is the case, place it further away from the tuner or TV

Compact discs have much less noise than analog records
and hardly any noise is heard before play starts. Bear in
mind, therefore, that if the volume control on the amplifier
is set too high, you will risk damaging other audio

This player is designed to play Super Audio CD and normal
Audio CDs only. It cannot play CD-ROMs used with
personal computers, game CDs, video CDs or DVDs (video/

We do not recommend the use of lens cleaners.


Batteries in this remote control unit have a life of approximately
1 year under normal operating conditions. If the remote control
unit is not going to be used for an extended period of time,
remove the batteries. Also, if you notice that the batteries are
starting to run down, replace them as soon as possible.


Remove the battery cover.


Insert the batteries with correct +/– orientation.


Close the battery cover until it clicks shut.

7 Remote control

Operate the remote control unit (RC-11SAS1) within a distance
of approx. 5 m from the infrared signal reception window
(remote sensor) on the front of the Super Audio CD player.
Remote control operation may not be possible if the remote
control unit’s transmitter is not pointing in the direction of the
remote sensor or if there is an obstruction between the
transmitter and the remote sensor.

Remote control operating range

Remote control unit (RC-11SAS1)

Approx. 5m




Two AAA-size (R03) batteries

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