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Electric igniters automatically light the surface burners when
control knobs are turned to IGNITE.
Before setting a control knob, place filled cookware on the grate.
Do not operate a burner using empty cookware or without
cookware on the grate.

To Set:

1. Push in and turn knob counterclockwise to IGNITE.

All 4 surface burners will click. Only the burner with the control
knob turned to IGNITE will produce a flame.

2. Turn knob to anywhere between HIGH and LOW.

Power Failure

In case of prolonged power failure, the surface burners can be lit
manually. Hold a lit match near a burner and turn knob
counterclockwise to IGNITE. After burner lights, turn knob to

Sealed Surface Burners

IMPORTANT: Do not obstruct the flow of combustion and
ventilation air around the burner grate edges.
Burner cap: Always keep the burner cap in place when using a
surface burner. A clean burner cap will help avoid poor ignition and
uneven flames. Always clean the burner cap after a spillover and
routinely remove and clean the caps according to the “General
Cleaning” section.
Gas tube opening: Gas must flow freely throughout the gas tube
opening for the burner to light properly. Keep this area free of soil
and do not allow spills, food, cleaning agents or any other material
to enter the gas tube opening. Keep spillovers out of the gas tube
by always using a burner cap.

Burner ports: Check burner flames occasionally for proper size
and shape as shown above. A good flame is blue in color, not
yellow. Keep this area free of soil and do not allow spills, food,
cleaning agents or any other material to enter the burner ports.

To Clean:

IMPORTANT: Before cleaning, make sure all controls are off and
the oven and cooktop are cool. Do not use oven cleaners, bleach
or rust removers.
1. Remove the burner cap from the burner base and clean

according to “General Cleaning” section.

2. Clean the gas tube opening with a damp cloth.
3. Clean clogged burner ports with a straight pin as shown. Do

not enlarge or distort the port. Do not use a wooden toothpick.
If the burner needs to be adjusted, contact a trained repair

4. Replace the burner cap, making sure the alignment pins are

properly aligned with the burner cap.

5. Turn on the burner. If the burner does not light, check cap

alignment. If the burner still does not light, do not service the
sealed burner yourself. Contact a trained repair specialist.


Fire Hazard

Do not let the burner flame extend beyond the edge of
the pan.

Turn off all controls when not cooking.

Failure to follow these instructions can result in death
or fire.

REMEMBER: When range is in use or (on some models)
during the Self-Cleaning cycle, the entire cooktop area may
become hot.

A. Burner cap
B. Burner base

C. Alignment pins
D. Igniter

E. Gas tube opening

A. 1-1

¹⁄₂" (25-38 mm)

B. Burner ports








A. Incorrect
B. Correct



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