Wall mounting the modem – Motorola SURFboard SBG6580 Series User Manual

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Wall Mounting the Modem

If you choose to mount the wireless modem on a wall, do the following before starting:
• Locate the unit as specified by the local or national codes governing residential or

business cable TV and communications services.

• Follow all local standards for installing a network interface unit/network interface

device (NIU/NID).

• Disconnect the AC power plug is from the wall outlet and verify that all cables are

removed from the back of the modem before starting the installation.

• Decide if you are mounting the modem horizontally or vertically.
• Gather the following items:

Wall-mounting template

Applicable screwdriver: Phillips or flathead

Two M3.5 (#6) screws with a flat underside and maximum screw head diameter
of 9.0 mm to mount the gateway.

Note: Contact a qualified installer to determine the appropriate screw length
needed for mounting the gateway.

See the dimensioned view below for the spacing needed between the screw
head and wall:

9.0 mm (0.35”) maximum
screw head diameter

2.6 mm (0.10”) maximum
screw head thickness

2.5 mm (0.10”) minimum
screw head to wall spacing

Note: If possible, mount the modem to concrete, masonry, a wooden stud, or some
other solid wall material. Use anchor bolts if necessary (for example, if you mount the unit
on drywall).

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