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51BTroubleshooting •

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If the solutions listed here do not solve your problem, contact your service provider.

You may have to reset the SBG6580 to its original factory settings if the gateway is not
functioning properly (using the reset button will remove custom settings, including
Parental Control, Firewall, and Advanced settings).



Power light is off

Check that the SBG6580 is properly plugged into the electrical

Check that the electrical outlet is working.

Press the RESET button on the rear panel.

Cannot send or
receive data

On the front panel, note the status of the icons and refer to


Panel Icons and Error Conditions

to identify the error. If you have

cable TV, check that the TV is working and the picture is clear. If you
cannot receive regular TV channels, the data service will not

Check the coaxial cable at the SBG6580 and wall outlet.
Hand-tighten if necessary.

Check the IP address. Follow the steps for verifying the IP address
for your system described in

Configuring TCP/IP

. Call your service

provider if you need an IP address.

Check that the Ethernet cable is properly connected to the
SBG6580 and the computer.

If a device is connected via the Ethernet port, check the ONLINE
icon to verify connectivity.

Wireless client(s) cannot
send or receive data

Perform the first four checks in “Cannot send or receive data.”

Check the Security Mode setting on the Wireless Primary Network

If you enabled WPA and configured a passphrase on the SBG6580,
be sure each affected wireless client has the identical passphrase. If
this does not solve the problem, check whether the wireless client
supports WPA.

If you enabled WEP and configured a key on the SBG6580, be sure
each affected wireless client has the identical WEP key. If this does
not solve the problem, check whether the client’s wireless adapter
supports the type of WEP key configured on the SBG6580.

To temporarily eliminate the Security Mode as a potential issue,
disable security using the HTML configuration pages.

After resolving your problem, be sure to re-enable wireless security.

On the Wireless Access Control Page, be sure the MAC address for
each affected wireless client is correctly listed.

Slow wireless
transmission speed with
WPA enabled

On the Wireless Primary Network Page, check whether the WPA
Encryption type is TKIP.

If all of your wireless clients support AES, change the WPA
Encryption to AES.