Maytag GBMDC 709T User Manual

Machine operation

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Machine operation

Additional information (including troubleshooting and service) can be found in the individual chapters of the
instructions for use.

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Material thickness: Whenever there is greater load than the dryer can handle,
separate laundry according to weight (e.g. dry towels and thin underwear

Type of material: Cotton (linen); synthetic textiles (easy care).

Degree of drying: Cupboard dry, iron dry etc.

Do not tumble dry: Woollens, silk, nylon stockings, delicate embroidery, fabrics
with metallic decorations, bulky items such as sleeping bags, etc.

Check that all fastenings are closed and that pockets are empty. Please ensure that
there are no cigarette lighters in the wash. Turn laundry inside out.

Pull the door handle. If the child safety lock is activated, please deactivate it
(additional information can be found in the “Door Reversibility/Child Safety Lock”
chapter of the instructions for use).

Place laundry loosely in the drum to achieve equal drying throughout. Then close
the door.

Select the drying programme required by turning the programme selector knob
(for information, refer to programme table).

Select the option required by pressing the corresponding button.
The indicator lamp above the relevant button lights up to confirm your selection.
A fast blinking led indicates a wrong selection is made (incompatible options). Press
the button again to cancel the option.

The drying programme is started by pressing the “Start (Pause)” button.
The relevant indicator lamp lights up.
Changing programme selection: If the programme selected is changed during
drying, the dryer stops. The Drying indicator lamps flashes. To operate the new
programme, again press the “Start (Pause)” button.
Interrupting programme: To interrupt the dryer during the drying cycle, set the
programme selector knob to “

” and press the “Start (Pause)” button. Wait at

least 5 minutes before opening the door to allow the dryer to cool down. For your
safety the drying cycle stops automatically if you open the door. To restart, after door
opening, close the door and press the “Start (Pause)” button again.
Warning: Never stop a tumble dryer before the end of the drying cycle, unless all
items are quickly removed and spread out so that the heat is dissipated.

The final part of a tumble dryer cycle occurs without heat (cool down cycle) to
ensure that the items are left at a temperature that ensures that the items will not
be damaged.

End: Take the laundry out of the dryer. The drying process is complete
and the anti-crease phase has been reached (active).

Anti-Crease: If the laundry is not removed at the end of the drying cycle,
an automatic anti-crease cycle will operate for maximum 60 min. The
drum rotates at regular intervals to prevent the laundry from creasing.

Set the programme selector knob to “Off” “


Cleaning the lint filter: Open door, pull lint filter up and out of machine and open
it. Brush lint using a soft brush or your fingertips. Close lint filter and push firmly
back into place.

Emptying water container: Pull container out by the handle and empty. Replace
the container when empty by pushing it completely back into place.

If required, activate child safety lock (additional information can be found in the “Door
Reversibility/Child Safety Lock”
chapter of the instructions for use).

Please note: Only use additives/plastic items specified as dryer safe and rinse items that have been treated with stain remover
thoroughly in plenty of water before drying. Never dry rubber objects or objects stained with vegetable oils in the dryer.

Sort laundry according to

care symbols:

Do not tumble dry

Suitable for tumble drying -

Suitable for tumble drying

at low drying temperature

Preparing laundry

Opening door

Loading dryer

Selecting programme

Selecting options

(if available)

Starting dryer

Programme end -

unloading dryer

Switching dryer off