Motorola DSR-470 User Manual

Quick reference, Remote control pay-per-view

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Motorola Broadband Communications Sector - "DSR 470 Quick Reference" Folder - 17" x 11" - 4 Color Process - OUTSIDE SPREAD - GLJ#291-01



TV (mode)

Control your TV
with the remote.


Control the input
source to your
receiver or TV.


In any menu, press
ENTER to select
a highlighted item.
In CBL mode, press
ENTER to tune to
a channel whose
numbers you have
already pressed.

Go Back

To return to a
previous menu.


To display the
Interactive Program
Guide. Press again
to remove.


To display detailed
information about
the current program
or a highlighted
program in the Guide.
Press again to remove.


To see program
information for
channels and times
other than the current
channel and time.
Press ENTER to tune
to the program in the
Browse banner. Press
GO BACK to remove.


To display the
Help screens.
Press again
to remove.

CBL (mode)

Control your receiver with

the remote for viewing

cable TV signals.

Arrow keys

To highlight

menu screen
items, and to

navigate between

listings in the

Browse banner.


To exit any menu

and watch a

program, or to

display program

information if

already watching

a program.


To exit any menu

and display the

Options menu.

Press again

to remove.


To exit any menu

and display the

Interests menu.

Press again

to remove.


To display a

program banner

of what’s on
in the future,

while watching

a program.



, Ch –

To change the channel.

If using a menu, press

to change channels

without removing

the menu. If using

the Guide, press to

move one screen

up or down.

Last Ch

To return to the last

channel watched.

It’s easy to watch recent movies, live sports or concert events on
Pay-Per-View, with convenient push-button ordering.*

To Order Pay-Per-View

1. Press CBL on your remote. Tune to any channel that displays

Pay-Per-View programs.

2. Follow the instructions

on the Purchase menu.
Select a program and time
to watch. Your selection,
start/end times, ratings,
and price will be displayed.

3. To purchase, press ENTER,

and follow any additional

4. A confirmation screen appears.

Press ENTER to confirm
your purchase. If the program
is on later, a countdown timer
displays the time remaining
before the program begins.

To Cancel Pay-Per-View

After confirming your purchase, you may only cancel it before the
movie/event begins. To cancel the purchase, follow the on-screen
instructions, or change the channel, before the movie/event begins.

Remote Control


Standard two-device remote pictured.

As with most universal remote controls on the market today, this remote control uses an infrared beam that transmits
codes recorded on a memory chip that match codes used by TV manufacturers in their remote controls. TVs that were
built before manufacturers started using these codes can not be controlled by this remote control.

* Receiver must be connected to a telephone jack. PPV purchasing screens will vary. Prices and

programming shown in examples are for demonstration. When telephone jack is not connected,
please contact your satellite/cable service provider.

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