Infantino carrier User Manual

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Thank you

for choosing

an Infantino



Our amazingly
design with extra
features and style.

8-26 lbs

The Most Comfortable Carrier

Thank you for purchasing an

Infantino carrier.

Our customers are some of the



please. They expect to be






pampered and admired 24 hours a


. So we’ve designed our carriers (and a lot of

other neat stuff ) to help keep these little ones


. A lot of

time and effort

goes into

designing our carriers. We spend hours with

test moms and babies

. We ask them what


We watch what works

. And the result –

the most comfortable carriers

on the market.

Check frequently to make sure that
your baby’s head and body are in an
upright position in the carrier. Baby’s
chin should not point down toward
baby’s chest. Use the facing in position
until baby can hold head and shoulders
up without assistance. Baby should
only face out when he or she can support
his or her own head and is awake!

Do not wear your CuddlyRider™ while
cooking or engaging in activities which
might prove harmful to your baby.

This carrier is only intended for use by
adults while walking or standing—never
use this carrier while running, biking, jogging,
or operating any type of motorized vehicle.

Do not bend at the waist when leaning
down—always bend at the knees to make
sure that baby stays securely in carrier.

Never leave baby unattended. Carrier is
not designed for holding child in motor
vehicles and should not be used in
place of a car seat that meets federal
motor vehicle safety standards.

This carrier is subject to normal wear
and tear during use. Before each use,
carefully inspect the carrier for any
signs of loose seams, tears or separation,
or broken hardware.

There should always be room between
baby’s face and your chest to provide
a clear source of air.

Before returning this carrier to the store
for any reason, let us try to help you!
Please call us toll-free at 1-800-840-4916

Please carefully review these instructions
and cautions. Keep for future reference.

©2002 Infantino, LLC San Diego, CA 92121 USA
Made in Thailand U.S. Patent Pending

If baby falls asleep, turn baby’s face to
the side to provide an unobstructed
source of air.





• Special side openings make it easy to get baby in and out
• Sturdy, adjustable buckles for quick, one hand release
• Unique head support design; use up or folded down
• Patented design ensures ideal distribution of baby’s weight
• Soft, padded material and Velcro


closure for a custom fit

Side Openings

Baby Faces In

Seat Height Adjusts

Baby Faces Out

Adjustable Clip