Intermate 100 User Manual

Print server administration manual

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Document gs-100-07. 25 June 2002.
Separate "Printing Environment Guides" are provided for IBM Mainframes and IBM OS/400

This manual applies to the following firmware code components:
Intermate100: Main code G22. Boot code G21.
Intermate101: Maincode G32. Bootcode G31. Rescue Main G33.
Intermate101-JScribe: Maincode G34.Bootcode G31. Rescue Main G33.

No part of this manual may be photocopied or reproduced in any way, except where noted,
without the written consent of Intermate A/S.
© Copyright Intermate A/S 2002. All rights reserved

Intermate100 / Intermate101

10/100 Mbit Ethernet Multi-Protocol
Externally Attached Print Servers

Print Server
Administration Manual

7th Edition

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