i. Tech Dynamic i.Tech i. Car Kit User Manual

I.tech i.carkit, Getting started remove the i.tech i.carkit, Pairing your i.tech i.carkit

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1. Cigarette lighter Plug
2. Speaker
3. Multi-Function Button (MFB)

4. Volume Button ( )
5. Volume Button (+)
6. Status Indicator
7. Microphone

i.Tech i.Carkit Overview

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i.Tech i.Carkit


Getting Started

Remove the i.Tech i.Carkit

Fig. 2

To use your i.Tech i.Carkit, please follow these simple steps:
• Start your car’s engine and plug the i.Tech i.Carkit into the cigarette lighter port on the

dashboard (Fig. 2). The i.Tech i.Carkit LED status indicator will automatically light up.

• Pair your i.Tech i.Carkit with your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone which has headset

or handsfree profiles.

NOTE: The i.Tech i.Carkit fits MOST car models. If it does not fit your car model, please
DO NOT force it into the cigarette lighter port.

To remove the i.Tech i.Carkit, simply do the reverse of Fig.2 above, by pulling the unit
away from your car’s cigarette lighter port.


Turning your i.Tech i.Carkit on and off

Pairing Your i.Tech i.Carkit

Up to 1 metre

Turning On

Turning Off

Press and hold the Multi-function button (MFB) for approximately 4 seconds until you
see the LED flash Blue.

Press and hold the MFB for approximately 3 seconds until you see the LED indicator
flash RED.


Prior to using your i.Tech i.Carkit for the first time, you must pair it with a
Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone.

The information on the next describes pairing instructions for a typical
Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. The i.Carkit pairing procedure is subject to
different models of mobile phones.

Pairing Your i.Tech i.Carkit

1. Place the i.Tech i.Carkit and the mobile phone where they are easily viewable and no

more than 1 meter apart.

2. Ensure the i.Carkit is OFF.
3. Press and hold the MFB until the i.Carkit LED alternately flashes blue and red.
4. Activate your mobile phone’s Bluetooth function by referring to your mobile phone

user guide for details.

5. Set the mobile phone to search for Bluetooth devices within a 1 meter range as

instructed in the mobile phone user guide and select “iCarkit” from the list.

6. Enter the preprogrammed passkey “0000” and press “OK” to pair your i.Carkit and

mobile phone. When the pairing is complete, the i.Carkit LED will flash blue rapidly for
10 times followed by a long beep.

7. Press MFB once to connect with your mobile phone.
8. Return to your mobile phone’s main menu. For certain mobile phone models, a

headset icon will be shown on the screen. You should now be able to make and
receive calls using your i.Carkit.