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Accessing the on-screen display (OSD) menus

You can access the on-screen display (OSD) menus by pressing the Menu/Enter
button. The OSD menus enable you to set the various operating conditions of your

The OSD menus consist of the following:


Main menu (for menu selection)


Submenus (for controls setting)

– Brightness level

– Select video input type (single, dual, 4-vertical stripes, 4-tiles)

– Display key information (vertical frequency resolution)

Main menu

To access the Main menu, press the Menu/Enter button. The Main menu appears
on the display screen.

OSD Icon


Used to display the Brightness submenu.

Used to display the Video Input submenu.

Used to display the Information submenu.

Exit from the Main menu.

To exit the Main menu, select the Exit icon using the Left-Arrow or the
Right-Arrow button, then press the Menu/Enter button.

To reset the OSD settings to the default value, do the following:

1. Power off the monitor.

2. While pressing the Menu/Enter button, press the Power switch to on. The

Power light changes cyclically between green and amber for several seconds.

Chapter 3. Adjusting and maintaining your monitor


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