Untitled – Iiyama PROLITE PLC1900WTV User Manual

Page 10

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Teletext function control button

PICTURE button

In MIXED Mode: Press the button to return from MIXED mode to the normal TV

Screen (current program).

TEXT/ MIX button

In TV Mode: Press the TEXT/ MIX button to enter the Teletext mode.

In TELETEXT Mode: Press the button again to superimpose a Teletext broadcast onto

the screen of current TV program (Mixed mode).

Store button

• Store current page in List mode.

• Press the LIST button to change from FLOF system to LIST Mode.

• Press a coloured button corresponding to the coloured brackets on the screen for page

number storage.

• Enter the Teletext page number using the 0 ~ 9 digit buttons (enter three digits).

• Press the STORE button to memorize the page numbers you require.

Hold button

• Press this button to remove the information from the display and stop the automatic

page change which will occur if a teletext page consists of 2 or more sub pages.

• To continue to press this button again. The number of sub pages and the sub page

displayed is, usually, shown on the screen below the time. When this button is pressed

the stop symbol is displayed at the left-top corner of the screen and the automatic

changing is inhibited.

Index button

• Press the Index button to return to index page.

When you press this button in teletext mode, a CURSOR appears. This cursor

(rectangular box) contains a page number and you can select the desired page

simply by using the four colours.

• RED button: Move cursor down.

• GREEN button: Move cursor up.

• YELLOW button: Change from current page to selected page.

• BLUE button: Exit the CURSOR Mode.