Basic operation – Iiyama PROLITE PLC1900WTV User Manual

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To operate your LCD TV, you may use the TV remote control or top panel buttons to select input
source, change channels, or adjust volume.

Turning the LCD TV

Before using the LCD TV:
Connect external equipments properly.
Insert the power plug, and the power LED indicator will light orange.

Power On/Off

To turn the LCD TV on/off:
Press POWER button on the bottom of LCD TV or press POWER button on your remote control to
turn on/off the TV. The power LED indicator lights blue when the LCD TV is on.
Note: when there is no signal in the PC mode, the power LED indicator lights orange after a few
seconds’ idleness.

Selecting input source

Press the INPUT button on the remote control, and use ▲▼ to select the required input source
between PC, HDMI, TV, AV, SCART, or YPBPR.

Volume Adjust

Press – VOL + to adjust volume.
To turn off the volume, press MUTE.
To restore volume, press MUTE again, or press – VOL + directly.

Channel Select

Press number buttons or ▼CH▲ buttons to select the desired channels.
Ex: the desired channel is 8--Press 0 → press 8, or press 8 only.
Return to previous channel, press LAST button.

Sleep Time Setting

Repeatedly press SLEEP button to set the off timer. The function is used to automatically shut off
the LCD TV after a preset period of time passed.
There are several times for choice -- 15min, 30min, 45min, and 60min.
To cancel Sleep Time function, choose 0 min.


Repeatedly press SOUND button on the remote control to select audio language. The available
selection include stereo, mono, SAP, etc.

Using the OSD Menu

You are able to use OSD menus to adjust various settings by using your remote control or menu
button on the top of the LCD TV.
The basic operation is as following:

Press MENU to display OSD menu.

Use ◄► to move the cursor left and right to select OSD menu page.

Press ENTER or ▼ to enter the OSD menu page.

Use ▲▼ to select the optional item you want to adjust.

Press ◄► to adjust levels or select the items.

Press MENU again to exit current OSD page.