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Quick Start Guide for



-R80 Telescopes

(with and without GPS)

Step 1.

Unlock the leg locks #10 (shown by arrows at left).
Extend tripod legs.
Lock the leg locks afterwards.

Step 2.
Turn the center tripod lock knob (#9) to secure and stabilize the tripod.
Tighten to a firm feel.
Caution: Make sure you loosen the tripod lock knob before
collapsing the tripod to store away.

Step 3.
Attach mount to tripod by placing the mount onto the threaded bolt on
tripod. Then turn the mount until it is securely fastened to the tripod.

Use height adjustment handle (#8) to adjust the height of the mount.
(Caution: Do not extend beyond 6 inches from top of tripod.)

Make sure to tighten the tripod height lock knob (#12).

Step 4.
Lift the battery cover. Carefully pull out the battery holder from the
compartment. Be sure not to accidentally disconnect the wires.

Step 4a.
Insert 8 AA batteries (not included) in the holder. Refer to the diagram
on the holder to orient the batteries properly. Replace the holder back
into the battery compartment and replace the lid.

For reference: the battery pack fits in with wires on the bottom right.
(See arrow in photo). Use only fresh batteries. Using old or low batteries
may cause error messages.
An optional AC adapter and 12V car plug cable are also available
for purchase at www.iOptron.com.

Step 5.
Attach telescope to mount using dovetail lock knob (#2).



#12 knob 

#2 knob 


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