iOptron SmartStar 9801 User Manual

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Step 6.
Insert 45º diagonal:

Insert the diagonal (#6) into the eyepiece side of

the telescope. Tighten the thumbscrews to a firm feel only.
Insert the eyepiece:

Remove the supplied K 25mm eyepiece (#7) from

its container and slide it into the other end of the diagonal. Tighten the
thumbscrews to a firm feel only. Remove the dust cover from the end of
optical tube assembly.
Use the focus knob

to bring objects into focus. You may need to turn

the focus knob quite a few turns to focus your telescope for the first time.
Always start observing using a low power eyepiece (such as a K 25mm
eyepiece) to get a nice wide field of view. Later you can change to high
power if so desired. Higher powered eyepieces have a much narrower
field of view. So it’s more difficult to locate objects using higher powered

Step 7.
Plug hand controller into any one of HBX port on the mount.

Turn on power. Now you are ready to observe. Use the 4 Arrow keys
(▲▼◄►) to rotate the scope Up, Down, Left, and Right. Use the
SPEED key to change the slew rate from the slowest (2X) to the fastest

Step 8.
Set telescope to PARK POSITION.

(1) Position the mount so that the “SOUTH” mark is facing south (A
compass may be helpful).
(2) The telescope tube should be pointed directly up at the zenith. If it is
not perfectly straight then loosen the altitude lock (#4) to adjust

Step 9.
Level the mount using the bubble on side of mount by adjusting tripod
legs. The bubble should be in the middle of the circle. It is also
suggested to use additional levels (such as torpedo levels) to assure
precise leveling.

Step 10.
Press the I/O power switch ON (controller will light up).

For models with GPS: Wait for controller to say “G-OK” or “Stop” in top
right corner —not “G-ON”. GPS provides Latitude, Longitude, and
current time only.

For models without GPS you will be able to manually enter latitude,
longitude, and time in the next steps.

Step 11.
Press the MENU key once.
Scroll (with the ▲/▼ keys) to “Set Up Controller”
Press ENTER.

Scroll to “Set Up Time and Site” in the next screen.
Press ENTER.

1) South 

2) Up 




45º diagonal


Focus knob

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