JobSite Systems V-12/AWE User Manual

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Using Speaker Selectors with IM
Muting Volume Controls

Although IM controls provide volume and on/off at
the volume-control location, they do not give you
central control of speakers playing throughout the
house. Speaker-selection systems give you central
control, but some speaker selectors have non-
defeatable impedance-protection circuits. Combining
IM controls with such a selector will reduce your
maximum volume substantially. To solve this problem,
specify a speaker selector with a defeatable
protection circuit (JobSite models S-4 or S-6). Then
keep the protection circuit off at all times.

Tools Required

1/8" Slotted screwdriver

1/4" Slotted screwdriver

No2 Phillips screwdriver

Wire stripper

Wire labels


1. Identify the Speaker wire and Amplifier wire.

Label the wires for future reference.

2. Run the necessary wiring up through the conduit

and the opening at the base of the enclosure.

3. Mount the entire enclosure atop the PVC conduit.

Secure the enclosure with galvanized mounting

4. Strip 1/4" of insulation from the end of each wire.

Tightly twist the end
of each wire until no
frayed ends remain.

5. Locate the snap and

lock connectors and
remove them if they
are plugged in. See
figure 5.

Figure 5

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