JobSite Systems V-12/AWE User Manual

Page 8

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1. Make sure the amplifier or receiver power is OFF

and set the volume to minimum.

2. Set the volume on the volume control to maximum

(fully clockwise).

3. If you are using a JobSite speaker-selection

system, locate the on/off button that corresponds
to the speaker pair you wish to play. Set it to the
ON position. Make sure the defeatable protection
circuit is not enabled. See Using Speaker
Selectors with IM Volume Controls, on page 5.

4. Turn ON the amplifier or receiver and select a

source, such as the Tuner or CD player.

5. Slowly turn up the amplifier or receiver volume and

set it to a comfortable – not maximum – listening
level. Don’t overdrive or "clip" your amplifier. If the
sound becomes muddy or distorted, you have

reached the limit of your amplifier’s volume
capability. Reduce the volume at once to avoid
damaging your speakers.

6. Use the volume control to adjust the volume of the

speakers to the desired listening level. If all the
speaker pairs in your system are equipped with
JobSite volume controls, you can set the amplifier
or receiver volume at one position and use the
JobSite controls exclusively.

7. To turn OFF the speakers, turn the knob on the

volume control fully counter-clockwise, or press
the ON/OFF button on your speaker selector.

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