JobSite Systems LSC-8 User Manual

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The illustration shows how a

typical JobSite LSC-8 loudspeaker

mounts into a ceiling.

Ceiling bracket serves as a “hole

saver” when drywall has not been

applied. Cannot be used when

installing into existing ceilings.

Knockout wire tie allows the wire to be

secured to the bracket throughout the new

construction process. It knocks out cleanly

when the speaker is installed.

Wings instantly snap into the

bracket without screws.

Wings are scored for easy

size trimming.

Brackets and wings attach

to the ceiling joists with nails

or screws.

Dogs swivel 90°, then

clamp the speaker frame

to the drywall.

Frames are molded with a

slight texture to assure good

paint adhesion.

Mounting screws tighten the

“dogs”, clamping the speaker to

the drywall.

Rust-proof aluminum grilles make the loudspeaker

perfect for moist environments.

Figure 1



Speakers x 2

Speaker grilles x 2

Speaker cutout template / paint mask x 1


If you are installing the LSC-8 into an existing
ceiling, take time to consider any possible
obstructions which may be hidden inside
the ceiling: ceiling joists, electrical wiring,
telephone wiring, plumbing, AC or heating
conduit and ductwork.
Determine the best mounting locations based
on the room layout. Before cutting any holes,
make sure the area behind both speakers is
clear for installation. Speakers provide the
best coverage, when centered in the room.
Line up the speakers with a permanently
mounted ceiling fixture such as can lights,
or a light fixture.

If you are installing the speakers into a new
ceiling follow the above recommendations and
install a set of JobSite NCB-8 Ceiling Brackets,
prior to the drywall being installed.
Run speaker wire from each location to the
amplifier location. Label the speakers wires at
the amplifier end, so you know which wire goes
to each speaker.


Stud Locator (for existing construction)

Drywall saw (for existing construction)

Pencil (for existing construction)

Cordless screwdriver with No2 Phillips bit

Wire stripper

Wire labels