JobSite Systems LSC-8 User Manual

Page 6

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4. There are four clamps “dogs” which

hold each speaker in place. Rotate all
the dogs inward.

5. Insert the loudspeaker into the cutout in

the ceiling.

6. The dogs are tightened via four

front-baffle screws. Tighten the dogs
by turning the screws clockwise,
while pressing the loudspeaker against
the ceiling. NOTE: DO NOT OVER
. Over-
tightening the screws may make the grille
difficult to install.

8. Install the grille into the speaker.
9. Repeat this procedure for the next


Directing the Tweeter:
The tweeter is directed by gently pushing

on the outside edge of the tweeter grille. It

will move 20° in any direction. For critical

listening, point the tweeter to the user’s

favorite listening position, minimizing

reflections from the side walls. For surround

sound or low volume background listening

create more reflections and thus more

ambience by directing the tweeter towards

the side walls.
Removing the Grilles:
To remove the grille from the LSC-8, obtain a

small paper clip (size #1, common) and bend

the last quarter inch of it into an “L” shape.

Holding the paper clip with a pair of pliers,

insert the end with the “L” into a hole near

the edge of the grille. Remove the grille by

pulling the paper clip towards you.
Painting the Speakers:
The speakers must be masked prior to

painting them. The inside circular portion

of the hole template can be used as a

paint mask. Remove the outside portion

of the template by gently pulling along the

perforation. Affix the mask to the front of the

speaker using a piece of tape. Fold the tape

onto itself to form a double-sided loop. Affix

the tape to the tweeter and place the mask

onto the speaker.
Painting the Grilles:
The LSC-8 grille should be painted before

they are installed on the speakers. The best

results will be obtained by using a spray gun

or airless sprayer. Thin the paint, and then

apply several light coats. This technique

helps prevent clogging of grille holes. Paint

both sides of the grille to cover all the white


Listening at Higher Volumes
It requires more power to achieve a

reasonable volume of sound in a large room

than it does in a small room. It is possible

to turn the volume so high that the amplifier

runs out of power. This creates “clipping”

Clipping distortion makes treble sound very

harsh and unmusical. When you hear harsh

sounding treble from any good speaker,

turn the volume down immediately! You are

much less likely to damage a speaker with

a large amplifier because it will be more

difficult to produce clipping distortion.

Power handing:

5 – 100 watts
Frequency response:

55Hz-20kHz +/- 3dB

6 ohms
10-5/8" outside frame diameter
9-1/2" diameter hole cutout
3-3/4" deep when installed in 1/2" drywall
Ceiling Bracket for New Construction:

JobSite NCB-8 (sold separately)
Warranty: 5 year limited