JobSite Systems LSC-5/5R User Manual

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5-1/4” polypropylene woofer with urethane surround

3/4” liquid cooled polycarbonate dome tweeter

Moisture resistant

Rust proof aluminum grilles

Installation friendly design:

Suitable for painting

Connection terminals accepts up to 12 gauge speaker wire

Quick mounting system for new construction or retrofit installations

Includes hole template and paint mask

Ceiling Bracket for New Construction Installations: NCB-5 (sold separately)

LSC-5R appearance resembles typical recessed light fixtures


The illustration shows how a
typical JobSite LSC loudspeaker
mounts into a ceiling.

Ceiling Bracket serves as a “hole saver”
when drywall has not been applied.
Cannot use when installing loudspeaker in
existing ceilings.

Knockout wire tie allows the wire to be
secured to the bracket throughout the
new construction process. It knocks out
cleanly when the speaker is installed.

Wings instantly snap into
the bracket without screws.

Wings are scored for easy
size trimming.

Brackets and wings attach to
the ceiling joists with nails or

Dogs swivel 90°, then
clamp the speaker frame
to the drywall.

Frames are molded with a
slight texture to assure good
paint adhesion.

Mounting screws tighten the
“dogs”, clamping the speaker to
the drywall.

Rust-proof aluminum grilles make the loudspeaker
perfect for moist environments. (LSC-5 ONLY)

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