JobSite Systems A45-X2 User Manual

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Constant: The auto turn-on circuitry is off.
The front panel master power switch
operates the amplifier. In is “On”, out is

Audio Sense: The master switch on the
front panel must be in the “On” position.
The amplifier is off when there is no audio
signal present at either the left or the right
input, but the sensing circuitry is on. The
turn-on sensing circuitry looks for a tiny
amount of audio signal present at any of the
audio inputs. If it detects a signal, the
amplifier is turned on. Once the audio signal
stops, the sensing circuit waits three
minutes, and then turns the amplifier off.

3-30 Volt AC/DC Trigger Input: The master
switch on the front panel must be in the
“On” position. The amplifier is off when
there is no 3-30V AC or DC voltage detected
at the trigger input. Once the sensing
circuitry detects a voltage and a line-level
audio signal is detected at the input, the
amplifier is turned on. Once the voltage
stops, the sensing circuit instantly turns the
amplifier off. Voltage trigger can be supplied
by connecting a 12Volt AC wall adapter to
the switched outlet of your stereo receiver.
long discharge time of the DC adapter’s
filter capacitor will delay the turn-off of the


1/8" Slotted screwdriver

Wire stripper

Wire labels


1. Select an appropriate location for the


2. Run all the necessary wiring to the A45-

X2. Label the wires for future reference.

3. Strip 1/4" of insulation from the end of

each speaker wire. Tightly twist the end
of each wire until no frayed ends remain.

4. Unscrew the Red and Black speaker

wire connectors.

5. Insert each wire into the appropriate hole

and tighten the connector until the wire
is securely clamped.

6. Connect the Pre-Amplifier or Receiver

to the RCA connector terminal
labeled: INPUT.

7. Set the position of the Turn On Mode

switch. Connect 12 Volt trigger
if applicable.

8. Connect the AC power cord to the A45-

X2, and then plug it into an “Un-
switched” AC outlet.

9. Turn the Master Power switch on. The

switch is located on the front panel
of amplifier.

Control Output

This terminal provides a 12Volt DC signal
suitable for triggering automated switchers,
motorized screens, some electric curtain
controls, etc. The trigger voltage is present
only when the amplifier is active or “On”.
When the amplifier turns “Off”, the 12-Volt
signal is off.

Cascade Audio Outputs

The “Cascade Audio Outputs” enable you
to connect another amplifier to your
preamplifier output. The connectors are
gold-plated RCA phono jacks. Connect them
to another amplifier’s inputs with a standard
audio patch cable. The outputs are not
buffered; if you wish to daisy chain more
than 3 JobSite amplifiers you will need a
buffered distribution amplifier.