JobSite Systems A45-X2 User Manual

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Level Adjustment Screws

The front panel level adjustment screws
allow you to adjust the level of the A45-X2,
relative to other amplifiers in your system.
Use a 1/8" slotted screwdriver to adjust the
screws. If the A45-X2 is the only amplifier in
your system, leave the screws at their
factory default position (turned fully


No sound on one channel

You could have a short circuit or loose wire
at the speaker or amplifier terminals. Check
that the connections are secure and that
there are no loose strands of wire crossing
from the positive to the negative terminals
at the back of the amplifier and/or the

Short circuit or a break in the speaker wire.
Disconnect the speaker wire at both ends,
separate the 2 conductors at both ends and
test with a meter for a short circuit. If there
is no short, connect the two conductors at
one end and test with a meter for continuity.

Speaker is not working

Connect the speaker to a channel that plays
another speaker.

Audio cable to input is bad

Connect another cable that is known
to be good.

No sound on both channels

Audio cable to the main inputs is bad.
Connect another cable that is known
to be good.

Active LED ON or OFF

Check trigger mode 12V trigger voltage.

Hum from the speakers

Hum may be caused by a ground loop
between two of the other components in
the system. To test for a ground loop, try
reversing the ac plugs of each of the
components in the system. Check for
faulty cables, faulty source material, an
ungrounded phono system or a
defective component.

Amp will not turn on

AC power cord must be plugged into a
working outlet.

Master power switch must be on. 12V
trigger must be present.

Bass sound is weak and the
stereo image is “phasey” or
“blurry” sounding in one room

The loudspeakers are wired out of phase.
Reverse the connections at the back of
one speaker.


Power handing:
45 watts x 2

Frequency response:
10 Hz to 100 kHz +/- 3dB

Signal noise ratio:

>= 85 dB

Power supply
AC120V, 60 Hz

Power consumption
200 watts

17” wide x 2-5/16” high (including feet) x
13-1/8” deep

Warranty: 2 year limited