GE 98536 GE Wireless Laser Mouse User Manual

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Trouble Shooting

The GE Wireless Laser Mouse does not work properly


If your mouse has been idle for a period of time it may be
asleep to conserve battery power. To wake the mouse,
move the mouse.


Change the batteries on your mouse.


Not all laptops support USB mice. Test the mouse on a
desktop computer. If the mouse works, contact your laptop

Other application software will not install properly
This may be due to the GE Laser Mouse Software. Remove
the software as described in the previous section. Install the
other application. Reinstall the GE Laser Mouse Software.

If these steps do not solve your problem, please contact Jasco
Product’s technical support at 1-800-654-8483 or


Two Year Limited Warranty

Jasco Products Company warrants this product to be free from
manufacturing defects for a period of two years from the original