Source Technologies STM.57B User Manual

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4. Peripherals Connection

When the printer is installed initially or when you face a problem, you can run the
self test and check the information about

-Control Circuit, Mechanism, Print Quality, ROM Version

After checking with self-test and no issues are found, you can examine other
devices and software. This function is working independent of devices and software.

Motor protection from being overheated

The motor should be stopped and cooled about more than 30 seconds after
continuous printing 1.5 meter

This product can communicate with other devices via Bluetooth

communication and cable.

1. The Printer can be connected to devices equipped with Bluetooth communication

capacity (PDAs, PCs, etc.)

2. Use the Bluetooth connection function supported by the device to connect

to the printer.

4-1. Bluetooth Connection


Refer to the Bluetooth Manual for more details on connection.