Source Technologies STM.57B User Manual

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5. Printer cleaning

If the interior of the printer is dusty, printing quality can lowered.

In such a case, follow the instructions below to clean up the printer.


1. Make sure to turn the printer power off prior to cleaning
2. Regarding print head cleaning, as the print head sets very hot during

printing, turn off the printer power and wait approximately 10 minute before

3. When cleaning the print head, take care not to touch the heated portion of the

print head. The print head subject to be damaged by static electricity.
4. Take care not to allow the print head to become scratched and /or

damaged in any way.

1. Use an applicator swab moistened with an alcohol solution to clean the print
head and remove any dusts.
2. Once the cleaning is completed, insert paper roll into the printer few minutes
later and close the printer cover.

Preventing Overheating

To prevent the motor from overheating, continuous driving of the printer

should be 1.5 m or less in print length. Set the pause time for 30 seconds

or more after driving the printer.

4-2. Interface Cable Connection

1. Connect USB or Serial cable into the cable connector on the printer.

2. Connect the interface cable into the USB or Serial port of the device

(PDA, PC, etc.)


Use the cable offered by the manufacturer (USB, Serial)