Game mo des game mo des – Sega Sonic Rivals ULUS 10195 User Manual

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wireless play

Play against a friend using the
PSP (PlayStation Portable) system’s wireless capabilities.
Connect to a nearby friend through Ad Hoc Mode and
choose from Single, Cup Circuit, and Card Trade Modes.

Note: When attempting to connect wirelessly to another
PSP (PlayStation Portable) system, you can press the
a button to cancel the connection and return to the
Multiplayer Menu.

Joining a Game

To join a game, choose Wireless Play and then select
JOIN to open the Join Game Menu. Press the directional

C and V to select a game in progress from the

game host window on the right side of the screen and
press the

s button to confirm your choice. Once you’ve

chosen a game to join, select your character and outfit,
then wager a Card (if this option was chosen by the
Host). The race will then begin.

Note: In order to play a game through the
PSP (PlayStation Portable) system’s Ad Hoc Mode, you
must make sure the WLAN switch is switched on.

creating a game

To create and host a
game, select
CREATE and then
choose a Wireless
Play option (Single
Race, Cup Circuit and
Card Trade). Next,
use the directional
buttons to select a character, outfit (optional), and Stage
/ Cup, then choose whether or not you want to wager
Cards. When you’re ready, press the

s button to search

for other nearby players. Once a player has joined your
game, press the

s button to start the race.


In Wireless Play
Mode, you can
choose to wager
your unlocked Cards
against your op-
ponent for a chance
to win his cards. The
host can set this
option when creating a game. When a wager is placed,
if you win the race, you get to keep the Card the other
player has wagered. If you lose, your opponent gets to
keep yours!

Card Trade

Trade your unlocked Cards with your friends via the
PSP (PlayStation Portable) system’s Ad Hoc Mode.

For more informa-
tion, see Card
Collection, pg. 17.