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zones and acts

In typical Sonic The
Sonic™ Rivals'
stages are played out
in Zones and Acts.
There are a total of
six Zones, with three
Acts for each Zone*.

Forest Falls:

Don’t let the lush scenery, grassy platforms,

and cascading waterfalls fool you. Forest Falls is brim-
ming with danger, including steep drop offs, large loops,
and plenty of Eggman’s robot minions.

Colosseum Highway:

Amid the majestic columns and

pillars this perilous track is littered with pitfalls, traps, and
steep hills. Twisting corkscrews and Boost hoops provide
a non-stop white-knuckle experience.

Sky Park:

This theme park gone wild is comprised of a

thrill-a-minute rollercoaster, complete with twists, turns,
loops, drops, and even stuffed teddy bears designed to
slow your racer down. Use springs, dash panels, and the
strongman platform to propel your character through the
atmosphere while staying one speed boost ahead of the

Crystal Mountain:

Icy crystals, snow banks, slippery

tracks, and freezing waters comprise this winter won-
derland. If the blizzards don’t slow your racer down, the
brittle ice barriers will. Make sure to hop in the bobsled to
barrel down the track at death defying speeds.

Death Yard:

Death Yard is a dry, deserted wasteland filled

with razor sharp spike beds, corkscrews, gaping pits, and
Boost hoops that must be navigated correctly to stay in
the game. These tracks have so many dips, twists, turns,
and loops, that dizzy doesn’t even begin to describe what
your racer will be feeling when he reaches the finish line.

Meteor Base:

Not much is known about Dr. Eggman’s

top-secret base hidden deep within a meteor shower, but
you can bet it’s filled with hot, bubbling molten lava and
some of Eggman’s fiercest robot goons.

* Except for Zone 3.


Sometimes Boosting isn’t enough to stay in front of your
rival. When push comes to shove, engage in some old
fashioned attacking! Attacking will temporarily knock your
opponent to the ground or stun them, causing them to
lose Rings while allowing you to get ahead or jump to
new heights. To attack, get right behind your rival and
press the

a button for a shove, or jump above them by

pressing the

s buton, and then press the s button again

for a leapfrog!


Although finishing first is the ultimate goal in Sonic™
, making sure you have at least one ring is critical
to staying alive and avoiding respawn delays. Large
collection of Rings provides score bonuses and special