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• Sift all dry ingredients.
• Egg yolks should be separated from egg whites before mixing.
• Beating egg whites separately, and then folding into the batter, will

create lighter and crispier waffles.

• Egg whites should be beaten until they form stiff peaks. Stir

1/4 of beaten egg whites into batter to lighten it, then gently fold the
rest of the egg whites into the batter (there should be white streaks
in the batter). Do not over-mix batter when adding egg whites.

• It is not necessary to beat egg yolks and milk separately; just

add to the combined flour mixture, and use a whisk or hand
mixer to blend.

• Do not open the Waffle Maker during the first minute of baking, or

waffles will separate. Completely bake waffles before removing
them from the unit.

• When waffles are done, the Lid should lift open easily. Lift the Lid

gently. If Lid pulls, wait another minute and try lifting it open again.

• Adjust the Browning Control as you prepare your waffles.

Remember that different recipes may produce varying browning
results depending on the ingredients. It may become necessary to
turn the Browning Control down slightly when baking waffles
containing sugar.

• Waffles can be made ahead of time, then refrigerated or frozen.

When ready to eat, just heat waffles in oven or toaster. This is ideal
when serving waffles to several people at once.


• All recipes work equally well with skim milk.
• Leave out egg yolks altogether. All leavening properties come from

the beaten egg whites.

• Use liquid vegetable oils, like canola, corn or sunflower, instead

of butter.


• Substitute 1/2-cup, or more, of whole wheat flour for white flour.
• Substitute 1/4-cup of wheat, or oat bran, for white flour.


• Substitute 1 tablespoon of thawed all-natural white grape or apple

juice, from concentrate, for each teaspoon of sugar. If adding more
than 1 tablespoon of juice from concentrate, add a little less milk.




IMPORTANT: Before using for the first time, operate the

appliance without batter in order to burn off residues
on the Cooking Plates.

CAUTION: To avoid burns, caution should be taken when handling

the Waffle Maker.

1. Carefully unpack Waffle Maker.
2. Wipe all surfaces with a slightly damp, soft cloth. Never immerse

in water.

3. To burn off residues on the Cooking Plates, it will be necessary to

operate the unit for a few minutes before initial use. Do not add
batter or oil during this time.

4. Set the appliance on a dry, clean and flat countertop surface,

where it can be easily plugged into an electrical outlet. Plug
appliance into 120V AC electrical outlet.

5. You will notice smoke and a slight odor while residues burn off.
6. Allow the Waffle Maker to operate until smoke and odor dissipate;

then unplug Waffle Maker and allow it to cool. Be careful, the
Cooking Plates will be hot!

NOTE: Some odor may still be detected during initial use; this is

normal and should disappear after one or two uses.


1. Be sure the Cooking Plates are clean and free from dust.

If necessary, wipe with a damp cloth.

2. When using the Waffle Maker for the first time, brush the Cooking

Plates with cooking oil.

NOTE: The Waffle Maker is coated with a non-stick surface. Do not

use spray-on oils, grease or shortening, as they can cause build-up
on the Cooking Plates. Use cooking oil instead.

3. Close the Lid.
4. Plug appliance into a suitable 120V AC electrical outlet; the Power

ON Light and the Cook Light will illuminate, indicating the unit
has begun heating.

5. Slide the Browning Control to set desired browning: for LIGHT,

MEDIUM or DARK waffles.

6. While preparing batter, allow appliance to pre-heat (about

5 minutes). The Cook Light will go off when unit has reached the
proper temperature.

7. Open Waffle Maker and carefully pour batter evenly to cover the

Cooking Plates. Be careful not to pour too much batter, as excess
batter will seep out of Cooking Plates.

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