User maintenance instructions – FARBERWARE WAFFLE MAKER FWM85B User Manual

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This appliance requires little maintenance. It contains no user
serviceable parts. Do not try to repair it yourself. Any servicing
requiring disassembly other than cleaning must be performed
by a qualified appliance repair technician.


CAUTION: Do not immerse the Waffle Maker, cord, or plug in

water or any other liquid.

Unplug and allow to cool before cleaning. Do not use steel wool,
scouring pads or abrasive cleaners, as this will damage the finish.


Wipe Cooking Plates with absorbent paper toweling or a soft cloth.
Although the Cooking Plates are coated with a non-stick coating,
some batter or ingredients may still adhere to the Waffle Maker.
To remove, simply pour a little cooking oil onto the baked-on food.
Allow to stand for 5 to 10 minutes. This should soften the food and
make it easy to remove with absorbent paper toweling or a soft
cloth. If the preceding measure fails to remove the food residue,
we suggest wiping the Cooking Plates with a slightly dampened
cloth and a little non-abrasive detergent.


Wipe with a soft, dry cloth.


Unplug unit and allow to cool.
Store in its box or in a clean, dry place.
Never store Waffle Maker while it is hot or still plugged in.
Use the Cord Storage Wrap located on the bottom of the
Waffle Maker.
Never wrap cord tightly around the appliance. Do not put any
stress on cord where it enters unit, as this could cause cord to fray
and break.
The Waffle Maker can be placed in a vertical position (handles
pointed up) for neat and compact storage.

operating instructions


8. Carefully close the Waffle Maker. Do not force shut. Steam

will be released between the Cooking Plates. Caution
should be taken to prevent hands from coming into contact
with the steam.

9. Your FARBERWARE® FWM85B has a

Browning Control. When preparing a
recipe for the first time, it may become
necessary to experiment with the
Browning Control. Begin by setting the
Control to halfway between LIGHT
and DARK. After the first waffle, move
the Browning Control up or back to
the desired brownness color setting.
Browning may differ depending on the
batter ingredients. Batters using sugar
tend to brown quicker.

10. Cooking time should take approximately 3-5 minutes. Exact

cooking time will be a matter of your taste and will depend on
type of batter and ingredients used. The Cook Light turns on and
off as the unit cycles to maintain ideal heating temperatures; this
prevents overheating. Avoid opening your Waffle Maker before
cooking is completed, as this may cause the waffle to stick or
bake poorly.

11. When the waffles are cooked, remove them by using a plastic or

wooden spatula. Do not use metal tongs or knives, as these may
damage the non stick coating.

12. Keep the Waffle Maker closed to preserve the heat until ready for

the next batch of waffles.

13. After use, slide Browning Control to LIGHT and then immediately

unplug from the electrical outlet.

14. If waffles are not to be consumed immediately, place the waffles

on a paper napkin to absorb condensation. To keep hot, place on a
rack in an ovenproof dish and warm in the oven at about 200°-
250°F. Waffles will keep for about 20 minutes and then begin to
dry out.


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