Using the audio output terminals – Sharp 36UF5/6 User Manual

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Dimension: 140 X 215 mm

Using the Audio Output Terminals

Stereo Amplifier

Speaker System

Plug adapter

Pin jack/Mini plug

To the equipment
being connected

Pin plug x 2

Pin Plug

To the TV

To the audio
input terminals

(1) Before connecting the cables, turn on the TV and adjust the TV volume to a moderate listening level.
(2) Turn off the TV and connect the audio cables to the AUDIO LINE OUTPUT terminals on the TV.
(3) Turn the TV set and stereo amplifier on.
(4) If you desire, you can turn off the sound of the TV’s internal speakers by accessing the TV’s AUDIO

SELECT screen. See pages 12, 13.

(5) Adjust the volume control on the stereo amplifier to a moderate listening level.
(6) Control of the audio can be adjusted using the audio controls (STEREO/MONO/SAP, VOLUME,

MUTE and FAO), from either the remote control, or directly from the TV set.


• For detailed information on the connection and use of auxiliary equipment, refer to the operation

manuals of the equipment being used.

• When connecting monaural equipment to the AUDIO INPUT or OUTPUT of this set, use an audio

connection cord and plug adaptor as shown below.

• When FAO is set to “OFF”, we recommend you to keep the TV’s audio output level high for optimal

sound quality. (see page 12.)

These terminals are used for connecting an external audio amplifier. The STEREO/MONO/
SAP, VOLUME, MUTE and FAO functions can all be controlled via the television’s remote control
or directly on the TV itself. These terminals relay the audio signal of all programs being displayed
on the TV screen.

(AUDIO OUTPUT terminals are located on the rear of the cabinet.)


(Rear connection terminals of TV)


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