Operating instructions, Before using for the first time – FARBERWARE 2 SLICE TOASTER FAC200T User Manual

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NOTE: DO NOT change the Adjustable Browning Control selection

during the TOAST cycle. First press the CANCEL Button; then turn
the Browning Control to adjust the browning level. Replace bread
and toast until the desired toast color is achieved.

5. When the toast reaches the selected browning level, it will pop

up automatically.

6. Remove bread from Toasting Slots. Use care when removing

bread as the bread and Toaster will still be hot.

7. Unplug cord from wall outlet when not in use.

IMPORTANT: Never use a fork or sharp-edged utensil to remove toast,

because that may damage the heating element or cause injury.


To stop or interrupt any Toasting Cycle, press the CANCEL Button,
located on the top of the Toaster. The bread will automatically rise
and the Toaster will turn off.


The BAGEL, PASTRY, and WAFFLE Cycles are especially helpful when
toasting bagels, English muffins, toaster pastries or frozen waffles.

1. Always slice bagels or English muffins into equal halves before

toasting. Place one half in each of the Toasting Slots. Use slices
that fit freely into the Slots. The Self-Adjusting Centering Guides
will hold food upright for uniform side-to-side toasting.

NOTE: When toasting a single bagel, English muffin or toaster pastry,

the toaster food may be placed in either Toasting Slot.

2. Place your Toaster on a flat, level surface.
3. Plug the Toaster into a 120V AC electrical outlet.
4. Turn the Adjustable Browning Control to desired setting.
5. Press the BAGEL Button for bagels or English muffins; press the

PASTRY Button or the WAFFLE Button for pastries or frozen
waffles. You will hear an audible beep, indicating that your
selection has been made. The Light next to the selected Button
will illuminate, indicating the Toaster is ON and in the proper
toasting Cycle.

6. Lower the Toasting Lever to lock into position; toasting will begin.






1. Remove all packaging materials including those which may be

inside the Toasting Slots or Toasting Lever slot.

2. Wipe the exterior with a damp cloth. Dry thoroughly. Do not use

abrasive cleaners.

3. Do not put the Toaster, cord or plug in water.
4. Be sure the Crumb Tray is pushed all the way into the Toaster.
5. Unwrap power cord from Cord Storage Area on underside of

Toaster and plug into a 120V AC outlet.

6. Turn the Adjustable Browning Control to (1), the lightest setting.
7. Lower the Toasting Lever until it locks in place. Operate without

bread once or twice to burn off any manufacturing residue. You
may notice a slight amount of smoke; this is normal and will stop
as the heating elements continue to heat.



1. Be sure no bread or other objects are inside the Toasting Slot.

Place Toaster on a flat, level, heat resistant surface and plug the
power cord into a 120V AC electrical outlet.

2. Turn the Adjustable Browning Control to desired setting: (1) is the

lightest setting and (7) is the darkest. You may want to experiment
with the Adjustable Browning Control to determine your

3 Remove all protective wrappings from food before placing into

the Toasting Slots. Avoid toasting torn bread slices that may get
lodged in Toasting Slot.

4. Insert the bread into the Toasting Slots. Lower the Toasting Lever

until it locks into place. The Centering Guides will automatically
center the bread for even toasting. When the bread is lowered
into position, it will automatically begin to toast.

NOTE: The Toasting Lever will not lock into position unless the

Toaster is plugged in!

NOTE: When toasting a single slice, the bread may be placed in

either Toasting Slot.

NOTE: To prevent a fire hazard, never place bread over the opening

of the Toaster, but always place it into the Slots.