Specialized Turbo Pro 23A User Manual

Page 10

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Tech note:

The inclinometer

calculates percentage of
grade by comparing the
change in altitude to the
distance traveled. This data
is updated on the LCD dis-
play every 5 seconds and
is based upon data accu-
mulated during the previ-
ous 20 seconds. It is nor-
mal to experience a slight
delay when transitioning
from one grade to another.

Temperature (TEMP)
Your Turbo® Pro is contains
a thermometer. Temperature
is displayed in increments
of one degree. While in
“TEMP” mode, press the
“SET” button to alternate
between ˚C and ˚F.

Your Turbo® Pro is
equipped with a digital
clock. The clock can be set
to operate in either 12 or
24-hour mode.

Second Wheel Option-
For riders who own more
than one bicycle or who

frequently change tires, the
Turbo® Pro is capable of
storing two tire sizes. You
can change between the
two sizes by entering
Distance Mode and select-
ing TRIP. Then, press the
“MODE” button for three
seconds. The second wheel
mode indicator will change
from 1 to 2. Mileage
recorded will be cumula-
tive between the two sizes.
(An accessory handlebar
mount is available from
your Specialized dealer.

The backlight feature of
your Turbo® Elite is acti-
vated by pressing the
“TOP” button. The back-
light will remain on for 5
seconds after the top but-
ton is released. If you
press any button while the
backlight is on, the back-
light will remain on for 5
seconds after the last but-
ton is released. During the
time the backlight is on,
the current-speed display
will be frozen. Although


The total distance is shown
on the lower line if the

Programmable Odometer-
The odometer digits are
programmable. This is con-

venient for transferring
your hard-earned mileage
that is usually lost when
changing batteries or com-

Inclinometer (%GRD)
The inclinometer will dis-
play the percentage of
grade you are climbing or
descending in increments
of 1%. A negative grade
or descent is indicated by
a negative sign (example



the display is not updated,
the Turbo® Elite will con-
tinue to monitor time and
distance functions. If the
computer is in sleep-mode,
you can still activate the
backlight without waking-
up the computer.

Display is blank:
Change the battery or
press the AC button on the
bottom of the case
Display shows
partial digits:
Press the AC button on the
bottom of the case.
not recording:
Check sensor/magnet
alignment. Make sure that
the sensor is no more than
1/16” (2mm) from the
magnet. Replace transmit-
ter battery if necessary.
Recalibrate Computer and
Entire screen is dark:
Did you leave the bike
parked in the hot direct sun
when it was parked? If so,
move the bike to the shade.
The data will be OK.