Specialized Turbo Pro 23A User Manual

Page 5

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mode. To enter a mileage
into the odometer, press the
“MODE” button until the
flashing digit is correct.
(Note: The “MODE” button
may be held to quickly
scroll to the correct digit.)
Press the “SET” button to
select the next digit to the
right. Repeat this process
until all five digits are
entered as your existing
mileage. (See figure 10)

4. Wheel Circumference
To set the circumference for
the type of tires you are
using, you can use
Specialized’s “Easy
Calibration Mode” or
measure your actual tire
circumference by the rollout

method. Two different tire
diameters may be entered
by using the computer’s
“Second Wheel Option.”

Easy Calibration Mode:
Your Turbo® Pro has been
preprogrammed with the
following 14 Specialized
tire sizes:
26 X 1.0
26 X 2.2
26 X 1.25
650c X 20
26 X 1.5
700c X 20
26 X 1.9
700c X 23
26 X 1.95
700c X 26
26 X 2.0
700c X 32
26 X 2.1
700c X 38
When using Easy
Calibration Mode, the
Turbo® Pro will display
the tire size on its LCD dis-
play screen. (See figure
11) The Easy Calibration
Mode is accessed by
entering the Odometer
(ODO) mode and holding
down the “MODE” button
for three seconds. The


2. Miles or Kilometers
selection (English only):
Your Turbo® Pro will
record distance and speed
in either miles (m & m/h)
or kilometers (K & Km/h).
Please note that miles can
only be selected when the
language setting is English.
All other languages dis-
play only kilometers. (See
“Setting the Display
Language” above). To
enter your selection of
miles or kilometers, push
the “MODE” button until
ODO appears in the Dot-
matrix Display Area (This
is called the odometer
mode). Note: if your dis-
play says TRIP, press the
“SET” button once to
change to ODO. Next,
hold down the “SET” but-
ton for three seconds. The
“Km” or “m” indicator will
begin blinking. You may
now alternate between
miles and kilometers by
pressing the “MODE” but-
ton. When the correct
choice is flashing, select it
by pressing the “SET” but-
ton. You will now enter the

Odometer” mode. If the
odometer setting is correct
push the “SET” button five
times to exit odometer
mode. (Otherwise, see
“Setting the programmable
odometer” below).

3. Setting the
Programmable Odometer:
This mode is useful if you
have replaced the battery
and would like to retain
the mileage you have
already ridden. To access
the Programmable odome-
ter mode, first advance to
the Odometer Mode by
pressing “MODE” button
until ODO appears in the
Dot-matrix Display Area.
Note: if your display says
TRIP, press the “SET” button
once to change to ODO.
Hold down the “SET” but-
ton for three seconds (If
you have selected English
language, the Km/h indi-
cator will flash. If the Km/h
setting is correct press the
“SET” button once) and a
five-digit number will
appear. You are now in the
programmable odometer