Sony SLV-ED313 User Manual

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SLV-ED313 GB 3-065-583-E1 (1)

To stop recording

To stop the VCR while recording, press x STOP.

To check or change the timer setting

Push EASY TIMER knob repeatedly until the setting you want to check or
change flashes. Then re-enter the new setting, if necessary. If you do not
want to change any of the settings, push the EASY TIMER knob repeatedly
until the


indicator appears in the display window.

You can also change the timer setting using the TIMER SET/CHECK menu.
For details, see page 40 in the English Operating Instructions.

To cancel the timer setting

To cancel the Easy Timer setting while entering a setting, press CLEAR on
the remote commander or press PROGRAM + and – on the VCR at the same

To use the VCR after setting the timer

To use the VCR before a timer recording begins, just press ?/1. The


indicator turns off and the VCR switches on. Remember to press ?/1 to reset
the VCR to the timer recording standby mode after using the VCR.

You can also do the following tasks while the VCR is recording:

• Reset the counter.
• Display tape information on the TV screen.
• Check the timer settings.
• Watch another TV programme.

To watch the recorded programme right after recording with the Easy

The SEARCH MODE indicator starts flashing when the VCR finishes the
Easy Timer recording. To watch the recorded programme, push the EASY
TIMER knob. The VCR turns on, starts searching, then automatically starts
playback from the beginning of the recording. For details, see page 32 in the
English Operating Instructions.



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