Blender operating instructions – FARBERWARE 10 SPEED BLENDER FSB100 User Manual

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1. Place Motor Housing on a dry level surface.
2. Be sure OFF Button is depressed. Plug the cord into an AC

wall outlet.

3. Place completely assembled Blender (Blending Jar, Rubber Seal

Ring, Blade Assembly and Collar) on Motor Housing.

NOTE: For blending hot ingredients, remove Measuring Cup to

allow for heat expansion before blending. Place a small rag or
paper towel over opening to prevent hot liquids from
splashing out.

CAUTION: To prevent the risk of burns, do not use your hand to

cover opening!

4. Add ingredients to Blending Jar as directed by your recipe.
5. Place Cover with Measuring Cup on Blending Jar. Remember to

always hold Cover in place during processing.

6. Select the desired Speed Control.
7. Press either HIGH or LOW Control Button. The LOW Button

produces speeds printed above the Buttons (Speeds 1-5). The
HIGH Button produces speeds printed below the Buttons
(Speeds 6-10).

8. Speeds with LOW printed above the Buttons will process

ingredients as long as you press the Button and will stop
processing when the Button is released.

9. For continuous processing, press any Speed Button that

does not have LOW above it. To stop processing, press the
OFF Button.

10. CAUTION: Keep hands and utensils out of the Blending Jar

while blending to prevent the possibilities of severe injury to
persons or damage to the unit. A spatula may be used but
must only be used when the unit is not running.