Hints and tips – FARBERWARE 10 SPEED BLENDER FSB100 User Manual

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• Add ingredients to Blending Jar a little at a time to ensure proper

blending and to prevent overflow. Never fill Blending Jar more
than 3/4 full; the action of the Blades will cause the ingredients to
rise in the Blending Jar. Make large recipes in several batches.

• Unless the recipe states differently, pour liquid ingredients into

Blending Jar before solid ingredients. The liquid will help the
processing go faster and at a lower speed.

Always add 1 cup of liquid before processing ice.
• Blend for 5 to 30 seconds, not minutes, and check consistency.

Continue blending until desired consistency is reached. Over-
blending will result in a loose consistency.

NOTE: Always operate Blender with Cover in place.
• Do not remove Blending Jar from the Motor Housing when the

Motor is running.

• Keep hands and utensils out of Blending Jar while processing to

prevent the possibility of severe personal injury and/or damage to
the Blender. A spatula may be used, but must only be used when
the Blender is not running.


• Thick mixtures require special attention during processing.

Periodically press the OFF Button and scrape mixture off sides of
Blending Jar and onto the Blades. Replace Cover and continue
processing. Select a higher speed if processing becomes sluggish.

• With the Measuring Cup removed, add solids and ice a little at a

time through the hole in the Blending Jar Cover. Always cut solid
foods such as vegetables and cheese into small chunks before
placing in the Blending Jar.


• To prevent excessive heat expansion, remove Measuring Cup from

Cover before adding hot ingredients. Add hot foods slowly (to a
maximum of 2 cups) through the Cover’s hole.

NOTE: For blending hot ingredients, remove Measuring Cup to allow

for heat expansion before blending. Place a small rag or paper
towel over opening to prevent hot liquids from splashing out.

CAUTION: To prevent the risk of burns, do not use your hand to

cover opening!