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User's manual Sony Personal Navigation System


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You have the following options:

This function is only available when GPS reception is possible
(The GPS-symbol must be GPS ready).
Tap the Start navigation button to start navigation to the

selected place.

Caution: Using this function while you are already navigating

deletes all current destinations (stage points and destination

Tap the Save button to save the selected place. You may

then at any time select this place from the F



Tap the Search nearby button to search for a point of

interest near the selected place.

Tap the Add button to add the selected place to your
itinerary. The selected point will be marked by a little flag. It
will also be added to the list of route points of the R



screen where it figures as destination point.

Using this function while you are already navigating causes an

immediate recalculation of your route.

Tap the Interim destination button to make the selected

point the next stage point of your itinerary. Your route will be
recalculated immediately and then navigation will continue.
Once you have reached the interim destination, navigation to
the original destination is resumed.

Tap on the Back button to return to the map view without

executing a function.



All destinations you have saved by tapping the Save button are

listed on the F


screen. On this screen you may:

Ù select destinations for navigation purposes,

Ù rename destinations, and

Ù delete destinations from the list.

1. In the M



tap on the New destination button.

The N




screen opens.

2. Tap on the Navigation button.

The N


screen opens.

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