Shock setup – Specialized Enduro 6 User Manual

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TIPS:- Do not ride or cycle the DHX shock with less then 7 psi in the IFP (Internal Floating Piston. Ensure that the shock reservoir is in the correct
position for the desired angles. Failure to follow these points could damage the shock requiring repairs that are NOT covered under warranty.

- Turn Bottom-Out control knob clockwise if you bottom out often with the correct sag. Changing the bottom out control knob can affect the
ProPedal setting. When making a significant change, it is recommended that the Propedal be checked, small adjustments may need to be made.

Set Sag:
- Proper sag will be achieved with one turn of preload on the spring. More then two turns of preload will require a higher spring rate

or not enough sag will require a softer spring rate.

- See spring rate chart for additional information or refer to the Fox shock manual.

- Recommended sag: 0 - % of shock stroke.

Demo 8 sag: mm - 4mm

Adjust Rebound:
Rebound damping controls the rate at which the shock returns after it has been compressed.

- Clockwise for slower rebound (slow speed, bigger hits).

- Counter-clockwise for faster rebound (higher speeds, small bumps, more traction).

Adjust IFP (Boost Valve) (fig.1):
The IFP (Internal Floating Piston) sets up the overall compression platform damping.

Pressure range of IFP: 7 to 00 PSI.

- Higher pressure (0-00): More bottom control, more ProPedal.

- Lower pressure (7-0): Less bottom control, less ProPedal.

Set ProPedal (fig.1):
ProPedal affects the first part of the compression stroke (slow speed)

and controls rider induced suspension bob.

- Clockwise increases ProPedal (more efficient pedaling).

- Counter-clockwise decreases ProPedal (more supple ride, more traction).

Set Bottom-Out Control (DHX 5.0 only) (fig.1):
Bottom-out affects the last part of the compression stroke.

- Clockwise makes shock more progressive at end of stroke (more bottom control).

- Counter-clockwise produces a more linear feel.


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