Tips – Specialized Enduro 6 User Manual

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Front Derailleur Adjustment

CAUTION: Normally, the front derailleur cage is positioned 1-3 mm above the large (44t) outer chainring. When using an outer chainring (in place
of a bash guard) the design of the Demo 8 & 9 requires that the front derailleur cage be positioned 3-5 mm above the outer chainring to prevent

Saddle Adjustment

Although the Demo 7 & 8 are designed with sufficient clearance between the saddle, seat post and the rear wheel, in some geometry/saddle height
combinations the rear wheel may contact the saddle or seatpost when the suspension is completely compressed or bottomed out.

Warning: If there is insufficient clearance between the rear wheel and the seat post and/or saddle, when the suspension is compressed
the rear tire may come into contact with the seat post and/or saddle, which may cause you to lose control and fall. Fully compress the
suspension before your first ride or after any adjustment, to make sure there is clearance between the rear wheel, the seat post and saddle.


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