Saab 9-3 M03- User Manual

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Saab 9-3 M03-

61 Fit the heat shield to the turbo compressor (two

screws and a catch).

62 Fit the turbo intake pipe and then connect to the

pipe the small hose from the control valve (APC
valve) and the hose from the carbon filter vent

63 Fit the air filter cover and plug the connector into

the air mass sensor. Attach the hose to the air fil-
ter cover (if such a hose is fitted).

64 Fill with coolant and check the system for leaks.

Fit the expansion tank cap.

65 Connect the negative battery cable.
66 Connect the diagnostic tool, select car and mod-

el year, select “All”, select “Add/Remove”, select
the accessory and then “Add”.

67 Bleed the cooling system in the following way:

Fill the coolant system to the MAX level. Close
the expansion tank cap. Start the engine and run
at varying engine speeds until the radiator fan
cuts in. Carefully open the expansion tank cap
and top up to the MAX level. Close the cap.
Switch off the engine and if necessary top the
coolant up to the MAX level.

68 Start the heater by pushing the "CUSTOMIZE"

button on the SIDC, select "Parking heater",
push "SET", select "Manual control", push
“SET”, select “Heater on”, push “SET” and
check that the heater starts ( it has a delay of
about 1 minute). If necessary top up the cooling
system (engine switched off).

69 Fit the cover over the bulkhead space, fit the

bonnet seal and the wiper arms.

70 Adjust the clock/date.
71 Programme the heater Turn the ignition switch

to the ON position, push the "CUSTOMIZE" but-
ton on the SIDC, select "Parking heater", push
"SET", select "Manual control" and check that
the heater starts or select "Timer setting", "Tim-
er”, select a timer; “A”, “B” or “C”, programme in
a suitable time and push “SET”. Check that the
heater starts at the programmed time.
Select “Manual control", press “SET”, select
“Heater off”, press “SET” and check that the
heater stops. Select “Back”, press “SET”, select
“Finish” and press “SET”.


The A/C or ACC should be turned OFF.