Saab 9-3 M03- User Manual

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Saab 9-3 M03-


Reduction of fuel pressure

1 Let the engine idle.
2 Remove fuse No. 2 (fuel pump) from the electri-

cal centre located in front of the battery in the
engine compartment.

3 When the engine has stopped the ignition key

must be turned to the OFF position.

4 Refit the fuse.

Emptying the fuel tank

The fuel tank is not fitted with a drain plug. Where
work on the fuel system requires emptying of the
fuel tank this is done with an emptying unit via the
filler pipe.
Before emptying read carefully through the instruc-
tions supplied with the emptying unit.


Pay attention to cleanliness when working on the
fuel system. Prevent dirt from entering the tank
and fuel lines.
Be careful not to damage the non-return valve in
the fuel tank when inserting and removing the suc-
tion pipe of the emptying unit.