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SimpleTech MultiMediaCard (MMC)/Adapter User Guide


Installation Requirements
Installing the MultiMediaCard

A. Digital Cameras/MP3 Players/Digital Camcorders/Printers
B. PC Computers /PDA (Handheld Device, Palmtop)

1) Attaching the MultiMediaCard to the MultiMediaCard Adapter (If Applicable)
2) Attaching the MultiMediaCard to USB MultiMediaCard Reader (If Applicable)

Using MultiMediaCard in Notebook/Desktop Computers:

Windows 95/98/98SE/ME/ 2000/XP
Windows NT 3.5.1/ Win NT 4.0
Windows 3.x with Card and Socket Services Release 2.1 or Higher
Mac OS
Other Hosts or Operating Systems

Inserting or Removing MultiMediaCard

Inserting or Removing the MultiMediaCard with Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP
Inserting or Removing the MultiMediaCard with Windows NT 3.5.1/ Win NT 4.0
Inserting or Removing the MultiMediaCard with Windows 3.x and OS/2 Warp
Inserting or Removing the MultiMediaCard with Mac OS

Formatting the MultiMediaCard

Formatting the MultiMediaCard in Windows Operating Systems
Formatting the MultiMediaCard in Mac Operating Systems

MultiMediaCard Precaution and Protection
Technical Support
Card Specifications



This is an Installation and User Guide for the SimpleTech®




Adapter. The SimpleTech MultiMediaCard is a super small form-factor card used in several devices
including Digital Cameras, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), MP3 music players, digital voice
recorders, and other electronic devices such as cell phones, and pagers. The MultiMediaCard is a solid-
state, nonvolatile removable and reusable mass storage which shows up as an ATA hard drive to the host.
However, compared to ATA/IDE/ESDI hard drives with rotating discs, the Solid State MultiMediaCard is
extremely rugged and very compact.



Adapter allows the MultiMediaCard to plug into a PC Card socket. Therefore, the

MultiMediaCard with the


Adapter provides removable mass storage to thousands of hosts

that have PC Card sockets, standard on many notebook computers.

The SimpleTech MultiMediaCard is available in several capacities for your specific applications. Also,
the SimpleTech MultiMediaCard Adapter is available for using MultiMediaCard in PC Card (PCMCIA)
slots. Visit

for details.