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SimpleTech MultiMediaCard User Guide

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Installation Requirements

The following are the minimum requirements for using the MultiMediaCard:
• A host (e.g., a computer or other devices such as digital camera, MP3 Audio Player/Recorder, PDA that uses

MultiMediaCards as a storage device) with one of the following sockets:

- A MultiMediaCard socket
- A PC Card Type I or II (PCMCIA) socket when using the MultiMediaCard with the MultiMediaCard Adapter

• One of the following operating systems:

- MS-DOS 5.0 or higher, Windows 3.x, and Card and Socket Services compatible with PCMCIA Release 2.1 or
- Windows CE
- Windows 95/98/98SE/ME/XP or 2000
- Windows NT 3.5.1 /Win NT 4.0
- OS/2 Warp!
- Mac OS 8.6 or higher
- Other hosts with firmware that support ATA data storage, and DOS file/FAT standards (e.g., digital camera,
PDA, MP3, etc.)

Installing the MultiMediaCard

A. Digital Cameras/MP3 Players/Digital Camcorders/Printers

Attach the MultiMediaCard to the

Digital Cameras/MP3 Players/Digital Camcorders/Printers

as follows:

1. Please refer to your System Manual for proper orientation of the SimpleTech MultiMediaCard in your system.

Please note that if the MultiMediaCard is improperly inserted, the system will not recognize the card.


Formatting the MultiMediaCard in your system:

All SimpleTech MultiMediaCards are factory-formatted in DOS/Windows Operating Systems. Most devices
do not require additional drivers to support MultiMediaCard. If your device does not recognize the
MultiMediaCard when inserted, you would need to format the MultiMediaCard in the devices. Please refer to
the User Guide of your device for basic formatting instructions of the MultiMediaCard.

B. PC Computers /PDA (Handheld Device, Palmtop)

If you are planning to use the MultiMediaCard in the PC Card slot of your PDA/Computer, you would need to
insert the MultiMediaCard in the PC Card adapter. Please refer to Attaching the MultiMediaCard to the
MultiMediaCard Adapter section.
If you are planning to access the MultiMediaCard through USB or Parallel port MultiMediaCard reader, please refer
to the following section titled Attaching the MultiMediaCard to USB MultiMediaCard Reader.

1) Attaching the MultiMediaCard to the MultiMediaCard Adapter (If Applicable)
Attach the MultiMediaCard to the MultiMediaCard Adapter as follows:
1. Orient the SimpleTech logos on both the MultiMediaCard and the MultiMediaCard Adapter facing upwards.
2. With the “Insert” arrow on top of the MultiMediaCard pointing towards the MultiMediaCard Adapter, place the
MultiMediaCard onto the rails of the MultiMediaCard Adapter.
3. Slide the MultiMediaCard all the way into the MultiMediaCard Adapter until the connector on the
MultiMediaCard fully docks with the connector on the MultiMediaCard Adapter.